Justin S Biography The Unleashed Pet Alexandria VA

Justin S

Senior Team Lead
9 years of service
5,291 pet visits

Even when he was young Justin was drawn to animals. Frequently he was found at a neighbors house playing with the dog rather than the kids.  He would ask permission to go play with Snowball, "my mom would ask who that was and I would answer the dog that lives across the street and 3 houses down". While growing up he had a couple of family pets. Lucy, a cocker spaniel; and Charity a Bichon Frise.  Both adopted from the local shelter.  They were great dogs!  After moving into his first place, Justin quickly adopted a long hair tuxedo cat from a rescue and named him Tyson, Ty for short. "Ty has several nick names such as Ty-phoon, Ty-bo, Tyson-McGee and many other itertions of Ty names". Justin's roommate also has a cat and getting the two of them to co-habitate took a little time and effort.  "my training and experience visiting pets was put to good use and now Ty and Artemis are best friends".

In his free time, Justin plays online video games and is involved in the world of Cons.  He presents panels and participates in cosplay.  He loves to travel says Disney World is his favorite place to visit so far.

  • Background check provided by Accutraq
  • Insured and bonded by Mourer Foster
  • CPR & First Aid Certified by PetTech
  • Canine and Feline training and continuing education thru FetchFind
  • SubQ Fluid Administration
  • Insulin Administration

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