Frequently Asked Questions Unleashed Pet in Alexandria VA

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We maintain a comprehensive liability policy and bond.  We also carry Worker's Compensation Insurance.  All policies are held with Kennel Pro Insurance.

Yes. The employment application investigation includes a criminal background and driver's license check, completed by Accutraq.  Addtionally, we run this check every other year of their employment with us.

The Unleashed Pet provides a comprehensive 3 phase training program for each employee to ensure we are providing outstanding service to you.  Upon completion of the application process (investigations including a background and driving record check), they enter onboarding or Phase I. We conduct employee orientation, administrative training, and begin Fetch Find training courses that continue throughout all training phases.  Phase II incorporates field training (on-the-job) where the employee shadows (accompanies senior staff) visits and puts into practice what they have learned to this point. Over the next 3 to 4 weeks, visits advance from observing tasks to carrying out the visits. The final phase brings the employee to the 90 day mark, with PetTech CPR & First Aid Certification and Fear Free Certification.  These accomplishments make certain staff is engaged and qualified.  It is an arduous process and an employee that makes it past the 90 days tends to stay with us long term.  giving us a deeply knowledgable team providing our services.

After each visit, your caregiver will provide detailed information via email. This email is generated through our proprietary phone app, SPOT Check.  This email includes a GPS location verification, arrival and departure timestamps, a check list of what tasks were completed, a note of any special occurrences, and photos of your pets.  If you do not receive your email, please check your spam folder, if not there you can email the office and their copy can be forwarded to you.

Absolutely! Many of our current clients are happy to share their experiences about our service with you. We typically provide 3 references, when asked.  More can be seen on our Facebook, Google or Yelp pages.

During dangerous weather conditions (thunderstorms, icy conditions and extreme hot or cold temperatures, etc) dogs will be taken out for a quick potty break to relieve themselves and the remained of the visit time will be spent indoors.  This will be noted in your SPOT Check.  Please ensure safe access to your parking and entryway for your caregiver, including arranging for snow/ice removal if you are out of town.  If we have difficulty reaching your pet during your scheduled visit window, we will reschedule for a time as soon as safely possible. If we are unable to reach your home we will contact your emergency contact on file to assist with your pets until it is safe for us to resume caring for your pet.

The Unleashed Pet uses a team approach.  We have 3 staff in each neighborhood. This ensures continuity of service. We do attempt to assign the same caregiver to conduct all or most of the visits.  However, this is not always feasible. We place detailed instructions and copious notes in your account to ensure each staff member is informed and provides the highest quality care. We encourage you to update your details often. We will always send adequately trained staff to care for your pets!

All pets must be visited at least once every 24 hours.  This is to ensure they are safe and not accidentally shut in a closet or have not had an injury. Dogs require a minimum of 3 visits per 24 hours. We would be glad to work with you to determine what schedule works best for your pet.

Yes, our staff are trained to administer oral and topical medication. Please provide instruction to the office via email or in your reservation request. We have a precise instruction format to guarantee proper administration. Please contact us to ensure availability of a staff member when injections or subq fluids are needed.

We can provide care to most pets and we currently service many special needs pets. We would be happy to work with you to determine the best care options.

All reservation requests, cancellations and changes must go through the office.  This is to ensure that your pet will be cared for as requested and keep the caregivers focused on your pets! If you do not receive a confirmation email or are unable to log on and see it on your schedule, it will not be performed. Reservations and checking the schedule are the best utilization of your account. Addtionationally, changes to your pet's routine or care, such as medication changes, should always come through the office as well, or should be noted on your reservation request.

You are always welcome to give your caregiver a gratuity. You may provide it directly to them, leave it at your home for them to pick up or, you can add it to your payment.  It will be split accordingly amongst the team that provides care, and always 100% of your gratuity will go directly to your pet care providers.

You can log in to your account on the front page of this website, on the top right corner of the menu. The first email address on file for your is your username.  Or you can use this link: LOG IN. You are able to request service and view future or past service. If you have difficulty logging in we would be happy to help! Your account is automatically active after our enrollment meeting.

You will be sent an email invoice for payment via credit card online. We offer the option to save your card information allow for your card to be charged on the first day of any future service. You may also opt out and make a one time payment without your information being saved.  Additionaly you can leave a check for pick up on the first visit. However, if payment is not left, you will receive an invoice for credit card payment and going forward it will be your default method of payment.  We do not accept mailed payments.

Visit length is timed from opening your front door to closing it.  In situations with significant parking challenges or lengthy distance to your front door, we may have to customize service to fit your circumstance.