Eddie C Biography The Unleashed Pet in Alexandria VA

Eddie C

Senior Team Lead
10 years of service
4,123 pet visits

Eddie grew up with several cats and they became his favorite pet. He didn't have his first dog until marrying in 2010. Now he can't get enough of the doggos! His first pup Boston and his second dog Maggie (both Cocker Spaniels) passed within a couple of months of each other at the end of 2019. Currently he has a cocker spaniel (his favorite breed now) named Noodle and 3 kitty cats, Cricket, Jackson and Tortilla. He spends his evenings on the couch with cats on his lap and a dog at his feet. 

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Our Lead...

With each walk you get a SPOTCheck email from your walker. It contains a GPS location verification, an arrival and departure time stamp, description of the visit including basic behaviors and anything out of the norm, photos of your pet. All sent to your inbox!

Our Staff...

Our walkers receive gold standard training, including fear free handling and positive reinforcement. We utilize doorway management and other safety best practices while your pet is in our charge. We will give them a head to tail once over and check the main floor of your home to ensure nothing is out of place.


We have GPS redundancy providing 3 verification methods; for the safety of your home, pet, our staff as well as transparency of service.

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