Benefits of Pet Sitting Unleashed Pet in Alexandria VA

Benefits of In Home Pet Sitting

The benefits of a having in home pet sits are numerous!

If you are working late or traveling, consider hiring a pet sitter to visit your pet.   They will enjoy the company and you'll come home to a happier pet waiting to greet you.  With the insights below you'll never look at travel the same way again!


Stay at home in their safe and secure environment

Pets don't adapt to change as easily as we do. Staying in their familiar surroundings and avoiding changes is less stressful on your pet. Being surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds and eliminating the trauma of travel or an unfamiliar environment leaves your pet happier and stress free!


Following their regular routine

Pets thrive on routine, we can maintain your pet's regular feeding, sleep, exercise and medication schedule. They can sleep in their own bed at night and stay relaxed in familiar surroundings.


Receiving personal, one on one attention

Our staff being able to give your pet their undivided attention, unlike boarding facilities that have several pets in their care, to your pet during the time spent at your home allows for bonding to take place. Your pet will receive the unlimited affection, brushing, playtime, enrichment and exercise they deserve.


Emergency preparedness

 They know how to spot and avoid potentially dangerous situations, and can react quickly and effectively when necessary.  In the unlikely event of an emergency, we have policies and procedures put in place to ensure the best outcome.


Helping to ensure good health (no exposure to other animals' illness or parasites)

Shared environments can potentially expose your pets to airborne illness or parasites.  Being at home greatly reduces this risk. Staying at home and reducing their stress, which can lower immunity, leaves them feeling relaxed and content.


Your home can appear lived in

With frequent visits to your pets, mail collection, light and blinds management, your home will be under professional supervision and will remain to appear occupied while you are gone. Your pet sitter will follow safety and security policies to ensure you home is well taken care of.


You are able to stay in the loop

With visits you will receive an email keeping you apprised of your pets well being and what takes place each time we visit.  Including an arrival and departure timestamp, a description of feeding, playtime and other pertinent information.  No more waiting until you get home or guessing what took place when your pet was visited, it is sent to you in an email at the end of each visit.

Our Lead...

We are taking the lead with our uncompromising standards, expertise and use of technology.

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Our Expertise...

Our walkers receive gold standard training, including fear free handling and positive reinforcement. We utilize doorway management and other safety best practices while your pet is in our charge. We will give them a head to tail once over and check the main floor of your home to ensure nothing is out of place.

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Our Technology...

We have GPS redundancy providing 3 verification methods; for the safety of your home, pet, our staff as well as transparency of service.

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