Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Alexandria, Fort Hunt, Mount Vernon VA
Taking the Lead
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Pet sitting. Dog walking. Pet taxi. Overnights.
Vet Recommended
proven reputation that earns trust
Established record of excellence and client satisfaction
Proficient Staff
uncompromising standards
Employees complete arduous training and continued education
working for your peace of mind
We have technology in place providing safety and transparency
Our Philosophy
Caring, forward looking, science based
We use positive reinforcement and fear free handling
Woman Owned
supporting women, minority and the lgbtq+ communities
Locally owned and operated with 8 years of service
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A potty break, play time in the yard or a long walk to get some energy out. Our dog walking service provides the break your pup needs!

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Dog Walking
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A quick dinner visit while you are at an event or visits while you are out of town for an extended period, and everything in between.

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Pet Sitting
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Need help getting your pet to a groomer, vet or other appointment? Call us to schedule a ride for them.

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Pet Taxi
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Our overnight service allows your pet to stay home with the added safety of someone being in your home all night.

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Why Choose The Unleashed Pet?


Because not every pet sitter is equally professional and competent. Check credentials, read their websites and determine if their pet care philosophy aligns with yours.


Licensed, Insured & Bonded

The Unleashed Pet is licensed in the county and state. We are insured and bonded providing you with peace of mind and protection in the event that something unavoidable happens.

Professional Training, Memberships & Certifications

All of our staff completes an arduous training program. They are certified in pet first aid and CPR, as well as trained in canine and feline behavior and handling. They know signs of serious illness and are trained to make decisions appropriately. Memberships to professional associations, and the like, affords us access to regularly updated best practices and other industry specific information.

Continuity of Service

 We are reliable and dependable with our sole focus being your pets and for this reason your visits won't be canceled due to illness or other circumstances. The Unleashed Pet has an emergency preparedness plan in place to provide service under stressful and unexpected circumstances.


As a professional, we are trained and experienced in working with all type of pet personalities and we know how to tailor your pet's care based on their individual likes, dislikes, fears, habits, age, and health status. Our staff knows how to spot and avoid potentially dangerous situations, and can react quickly and effectively when necessary. As well, they are trained and experienced in giving and understanding medications. And they know how to tell if your pet needs veterinary attention. Spending years dedicated to pets we have achieved what would take a part time pet sitter a lifetime of hours to achieve in experience.

Taking the Lead!



Oh yeah! Don't forget about our services!

Dog Walking. Pet Sitting. Pet Taxi. Overnights.


Dog Walking

  • To get your pup up and moving to prevent or help them drop weight .

  • A potty break for your puppy or geriatric dog that cannot hold it as long.

  • To ease the strain of your busy schedule on your long work days



Pet Sitting & Overnights

  • Companionship for your anxious or easily bored pet.

  • For pets that are stressed in unfamiliar or shared environments.

  • To provide extra human interaction when traveling for extended periods of time.



Pet Taxi

  • Get your pet to the groomer, training or other local appointments.

  • To bring your pet home when you can't pick them up on time.

  • Keep that non emergent, hard to schedule vet appointment