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We Are Your Solution!

Have multiple pets making boarding costs through the roof?

We Are Your Solution!

Recuperating from surgery and need someone to care for your pet?

We Are Your Solution!

Metro reliant, yet still need to get your pet to a vet or grooming appointment?

We Are Your Solution!

Did the cable company give you a window from 10-2pm and you have a 1pm meeting?

We Are Your Solution!

Do you have family visiting from out of town and they need someone to drop by and care for their pet?

We Are Your Solution!

Working short notice overtime and your dog needs walked?

We Are Your Solution!

Does your commute make for a long day and you need someone to take your pet out before you get home?

We Are Your Solution!

Going on vacation and need someone to check in on your cat while you are gone?

We Are Your Solution!

Is your dog getting a little older and finding it hard to go all day without a bathroom break?

We Are Your Solution!

Have an aging pet that needs extra care and you want someone to spend the night with them?

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  • Let SPOT Check ease your mind!
  • With SPOT Check we send you an on the spot email
  • with pictures of your pet, notes about the visit and
  • GPS verification of our visit time and place!
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My name is Christy and I started The Unleashed Pet in 2012 with the goal of providing my community with superior pet care! We offer the perfect blend of personalized continutity of care you would expect from a single person provider and the availability and technology expected from a large corporate provider.

We are licensed, bonded and insured!  As well, we are a proud member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and the National Capitol Association of Pet Sitters Network.

Our staff is chosen from pet passionate applicants and they complete a rigorous hiring process that includes comprehensive vetting with background and DL checks.  We require conintuing training throughout their time with us. 
This training includes feline and canine handling and body launguage, signs of illness and CPR & First Aid Certification.  We require a minimum 1 year commitment and our average hire stays 18 months or more. 

While we take the care of your beloved pet and home very seriously, we do take time out to laugh, and lighten up with each other.  Below are few photos from the many staff meetings, holiday get togethers and community events we routinely attend.
Easter time staff meeting fun with bunny ears :-) Gennah, Naroe, Edith & Tatiana
We played "key" bingo!  We all have regular clients key numbers memorized and put it go good use :-) Naroe, Gennah, Tatiana & Emily
Can you pick up M&Ms with chop sticks?  Our talents know no bounds! Edith, Naroe, Gennah, Tatiana & Emily
Our end of year holiday party included dinner and then some of us went to paint our pets at Muse Paint Bar across the river.  More of our talents! Emily, Justin, Eddie, Tatiana & Christy
Justin & Tatiana (being so serious)
Eddie & Emily
Emily and Tatiana (again, looking very serious)
Hayfield Animal Hospital community fair.  Roxie & Eddie
We held a Halloween party at the Parker Apartments
Roxie & Brittany getting to knwo McGruff the crime dog at the Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce Celebration.
Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce Celebration our tent had all the dog treats :-)  Eddie & Justin
We love supporting the community, like this banner at TC Williams HS Baseball Field. 

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